Exercise, Fitness and Preconception

Can You Excercise and Still Safely Conceive?

checkRegular excercise, including even jogging and impact aerobics will not lower your chances of getting pregnant, nor will it increase your risks for miscarriage. If you’ve been following a regular plan for at least six months prior to conception then you’re okay!

The benefits of regular excercise before, during and after conception are many and include:

  • smoother pregnancies.
  • faster and easier labors with less need for induction.
  • returning to normal body weight much sooner.
  • reduced weight gain during the pregnancy
  • improved mood and sleeping patterns
  • less discomforts during pregnancy such as backaches and swelling

checkHere’s Our Advice:

  • If you haven’t excercised in awhile, start slowly and work your way up. You can begin with as little as five minutes a day and gradually build up to 30 minutes.
  • Try and keep a light to moderate schedule. A good time frame would be about 30 minutes three times a week.
  • Make sure you allow yourself a good warming up and stretching before your routine and a cooling down afterwards.
  • When you become pregnant, this is critical, as you are more prone to injuries.
  • Make sure your body is getting proper liquids before, during and especially afterwards.
  • Pay attention to your bodies signs. If at any point you feel cramping, see bleeding, feel faint or dizzy, stop all activity.

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