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Fertility and Conception; what can a woman do to promote a healthy pregnancy?

A woman who is trying to conceive should maintain healthy fertility in order to achieve a safe conception.  Women should take initiative to switch to a healthy life style avoiding smoke, coffee and alcohol to reduce the risk of infertility.

Essential tips for women trying to conceive

Try to have sex during the period of ovulation. This is the time in which a woman would be most fertile. If you know about your menstrual cycle then you can easily find out the ovulation period. After the intercourse, it is a good idea to lie on the bed for five to ten minutes giving time for the sperm to get in to the cervix. Do not wash or urinate during this period.

You need to stay relaxed and not worry about the need of getting conceived soon. Stress would actually hinder with ovulation which is definitely not a good act. Do a check up and take the necessary tablets at the right period. Follow a regular exercise and try to stay in your ideal weight. Do not think about the best positions, there is no such thing for getting pregnant so you can go by the way you desire.

Taking folic acid in regular routine would help a baby from getting affected by neural tube defect. Try to indulge in sex every other day to increase the chance of pregnancy. Avoid using vaginal sprays, saliva, vegetable oil and other stuffs because this would kill the sperm and cause vaginal infections. Men should refrain from cycling 100 km in a week as it would damage the arteries and puts fertility at risk.

What is FSAD? How it affects women's ability to conceive?

FSAD is referred as Female Sexual Arousal Disorder. This is a medical condition in which a woman could not get or maintain sexual desire or arousal throughout the sexual activity. Due to this medical ailment, a woman would not have any interest in sexual intercourse. Only when women are aroused, the muscle in the Vagina gets relaxed and releases natural lubricants making it easy for them to engage in the activity. But, when she is not sexually stimulated, the vaginal muscles would be hard and dry thus sexual activity would be very painful. A woman would start to avoid indulging in the intercourse fearing about the pain which in turn makes her not to get conceived. Even if the lubricants are used, the chance of sperm to be killed are much high. Hence, mostly the sperm does not even reach the cervix.

Cialis (Tadalafil) - The best drug to treat FSAD

FSAD, Cialis 20mg tabletWomen with FSAD need not worry as they have a potent med at their disposal. Women can take Cialis otherwise known as Tadalafil to treat FSAD. Cialis is indeed the best and most recognized med for treating FSAD and is being used by a large number of women across the globe. With taking Cialis (Tadalafil) regularly and as prescribed, one can observe the changes in the body the drug brings upon. Women begin to feel better and also observe an increase in their arousal during sexual activities. The drug Cialis treats FSAD steadily and systematically thus paving way for a healthy sexual life for women. Cialis can be brought online from any reputable online pharmacy and taken as advised to treat FSAD altogether.

Who says you can't maintain your active lifestyle while you're trying to conceive?

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